Saturday, January 23, 2010

Closed-mindedness in the Objectivist Community

A message from -

"This site is for Objectivists. You may continue to post on the Dissent board only."

RebirthOfReason should be renamed. Let's see... TheDemeaningOfReason?

Whatever reason means to them, it has nothing to do with objectivity. Paranoia, no doubt.


clay barham said...

Ayn Rand’s writings explained how America’s success with individual freedom. Early settlers had no other choice. No paternal government stood by. Jefferson, in the Declaration, defined what Americans created. We had three constitutions to limit the government and protect close governance, starting between the ears and in the heart, to the County no further than a day’s horseback ride. Our elected representatives take an Oath to preserve our system, yet turn on it and trash it to bring back the Old World system rejected 400 years ago and by force just over 200 years ago. Modern politicians move government away to a distant city as the center of organized crime, as if run by the Sopranos. They picked our pockets and destroyed our economy. See The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and

Cavewight said...

You might want to revisit the first incomplete sentence of your response. What are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This does not constitute the "going over the top"? Is it "as focused on the facts and logic as possible"?