Sunday, January 3, 2010

Question for Readers of ITOE

Where exactly IS the a-ness in 5 or 5,000,000?


Daniel Barnes said...

This struck me as one of Rand's classic uber-garbled comments. The source is of course Antisthenes' rejoinder to Plato: "I see a horse, but I do not see its horseness." So by sneering at Antisthenes sensible criticism, Rand is, little does she seem to know, siding with Plato!

It never ceases to amaze me what an utter shambles that ITOE is. No wonder Rand, nor anyone else, has ever been able do anything further with it.

Cavewight said...

I think the latter is true to an extent, but to these people doing "something more" is like messing with the Bible. You just don't add something more to God's Word or else you stand a chance of getting your fingers burned. Peikoff in particular is very protective of Rand's gospel Truth. "If you grasp and accept the concept of 'objectivity,' in all its implications, then you accept Objectivism, you live by it and you revere Ayn Rand for defining it. If you fail fully to grasp and accept the concept, whether your failure is deliberate or otherwise, you eventually drift away from Ayn Rand’s orbit, or rewrite her viewpoint or turn openly into her enemy."

One mustn't drift away from "Ayn Rand's orbit." Nobody has a great enough mind to add to her writing. Nobody.